The Clover Leaf Archery Club is dedicated to the promotion of archery in all its forms as a safe, family oriented, recreational activity


Clover Leaf Archery Club

P.O. Box 89

Milford Square, PA 18935


Physical address for GPS
2080 Umbreit Road, Milford Square, PA 18935


Upcoming Events


July 9th 3-D Shoot 7-11am

July 18th Members Mtg. 7pm

July 30th 3-D Shoot 7-11am

Aug 13th 3-D Shoot 7-11am

 Aug 15th Members Mtg. 7pm

  Sep 10th 3-D Shoot 7-11am

Sep 19th Members Mtg. 7pm

 Oct 9th 3-D Shoot 7-11am

Oct 17th Members Mtg. 7pm



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Note: the membership of the club has voted to exclude crossbows at our 3-D courses except for those who hold a handicap permit.



Please consider that our  3D course is an OUTDOOR FIELD course!  It is usually muddy and wet, please be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear! Insulated and /or waterproof boots are recommended.

Attention Clover Leaf archers!


Come check out our Wednesday night

3-D shoots! Take a walk out under the lights!  Registration begins at 6pm.

Click HERE to view the membership application.








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Clover Leaf Archery Club was originally Clover Leaf Archery and Conservation Association. The name was eventually shortened but we still keep true to our conservation roots. A recent study of our club grounds showed 22 varieties of birds including two different species of woodpeckers!